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I see that we have a fabulous crew here to critique resumes........ Anyone care to look at mine? Seems I can't get an interview anywhere even though I have passed the TECH and have the experience needed........


--- Quote from: CDSnyder83 on Mar 16, 2015, 05:15 ---Hey Everyone, I'm attempting to tweak and tune my resume for a nuclear power plant operator application and I'd appreciate any thoughts you can give me on ways to improve it. The biggest issue I'm having is with my employment history and how to state it without it being a negative mark against me, I don't want to seem unable to commit to a job (I moved around due to a couple of plants closing down and a layoff).

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

(330) 720-#### • CDSNYDER##@GMAIL.COM


Grade One Maryland Stationary Steam Engineer. Third Class Ohio Stationary Steam Engineer. Four + Years O&M Experience in Large Steam Turbine Generator Power Plants and Combustion Turbine Generating Units. Qualified Steam Turbine Auxiliary Equipment Operator and Combustion Turbine Control Room Operator. Graduate from Youngstown State University with a Degree in Fossil Fuel Power Plant Technology (Associate Degree). Currently Employed by First Energy as a Combustion Turbine Specialist.


First Energy                                                                          April 2014 - Present
West Lorain Power Plant
Lorain, Ohio
Combustion Turbine Specialist

NRG Energy                                                                          August 2013 – April 2014
Avon Lake Power Plant
Avon Lake, Ohio
Plant Technician B – Operations
Left Due to an Imminent Plant Decommissioning
NRG Energy                                                                         November 2011 – September 2013
Chalk Point Power Plant
Aquasco, Maryland
Senior Plant Technician – Operations
Left Due to a Work Force Layoff

NRG Energy                                                                         November 2010 – Summer 2012
Potomac River Power Plant
Alexandria, Virginia
Senior Plant Technician – Operations
Left Due to Plant Decommissioning

Smith Brake   
Boardman, Ohio                                                                  July 2002 – September 2010
Automotive Technician


Youngstown State University                                       
Youngstown, Ohio                                                      
Fossil Fuel Power Plant Technology (associate degree)
GPA: 3.86 / 4.0 scale
Graduated With High Honors in May of 2010

Canfield High School
Graduating Class of 2002


Ohio Third Class Stationary Steam Engineer (License #18150)
Maryland First Grade Stationary Steam Engineer (License #33114)
EEI Testing Passed – POSS B / POSS C / MASS
Attended 2 Week Training Course on Mark V Trouble Shooting
Trained in Confined Space Rescue and High Angle Rope Rescue
First Responder Training
Fire Brigade Training

--- End quote ---

Please post your resume at

This topic is for advice on how to write your resume, not for posting them. Thanks.

That being said, I'd drop the reasons you left your previous jobs. Usually there's a place for that on the application.

Actually I like that he has why he left because the time-frames are short for those jobs. Employers may wonder otherwise why he isn't holding employment.  It doesn't say "outage" or similar, so it makes sense. The resume is short and to the point which is good.  Add something arbitrary in the skills section to show computer literacy:  Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs.


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