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I got a call back this morning from a NE power company for an SRO interview soon.  I was wondering if anyone had any insight to the questions you were asked or if you are an SRO what questions you ask during interviews other then the normal questions.  What are you seeking when you are doing the interviews etc etc.  Any insight would be great.  I appreciate anyone who responds! 
Just a nuke doing homework,

.... the homework never ends.....

Roll Tide:
Most interviews I have been associated with in Commercial nukes in the last 5 years have been about 4 on 1. You might have a training manager or designee, a union steward or president, a superintendent or equivalent in OPS, and a Human Resources rep.

They have a standard script which they only deviate slightly based on your answers. Each will ask a question, but all can follow up. Questions are open-ended so you should be able to blow your own horn. Some of the questions are tough, such as, "Give us an example of a time when you didn't think far enough in advance and found yourself in unexpected circumstances. What did you do to rectify the situation?"

As you can imagine, you want to be responsive but don't nail yourself to the wall.

Have a realistic expectation of the interview. Example: if scheduled for 30 minutes (you can find out from HR) then only 5 minutes are reserved for your questions at the end.

You need to write out more questions than you will ask, and then only ask the ones not previously addressed by the information they have volunteered. Some people try to ask questions that make you look better than other candidates. (Are there many problems with aging workforce at this site, what are most people who were hired in this position doing ten years later, what lateral moves would be available from Shift Manager for your later years with the utility.)

It is not the time to discuss money or benefits unless they bring it up. For example, if they ask about certain credits / degree, you might inquire about their tuition assistance program.

Good luck.

Here are some popular behavioral interview questions to peruse:
I was licensed for many years and can tell you that any utility will want to make sure you keep them out of the funny papers. Overall,no cowboys or super technocrats need apply. You need a well rounded approach to your work.
Can you make conservative decisions (ie. protect the health and safety of the public and their investment)  on your own, collaboratively, and using the procedues (that you'll have to know pretty darned cold)?
Can you work well with others without pandering or bullying?
Can you multi-task like a big dog and not drop anything important?
If you make a mistake are you willing to immediately ask for help to fix it?
Are you willing to work like hell to get your license and then maintain it?
By a "NE power company" it could be Nebraska, New England or Northeast. Either way, check out which may have some of the names you'll face in an interview but will also have info on some of the issues facing the training departments and their student/participants.
Senior Reactor Operator is a good ticket to get punched but you'll earn it.
Good luck.

You'll be interviewed by the OPs Manager, OPs Assistant Manager, Usually a Shift Manager, and Training Manager.

1: Why do you want to be an SRO?

2: What talents do you bring to us?

3: Do you have supervisory experience?

4: Give 3 examples where you changed things for the better and how you did it?

5: What are your career aspirations.?

A bit of advice. SRO is a damn tough job. I've done it for 7 years. If you don't think you can handle the worst day of your life, with a plant falling apart around you, then the phone rings, you might want to reconsider. I'm just letting you know, because unlike many positions at Nuke plants, if you F up as an SRO you'll end up fired.


I appreciate all the advice.  I got through the second interview with the OPs Manager, Training manager, and HR rep.  It was one of the hardest interviews I have done.  They asked alot of the questions posed here.  Such as
1.  When did you lead a project and have all your subordinates rally around you.
2.  Why do you want to be an SRO.
3.  Give an example of safety intervention in the workplace and actions taken to  correct this problem.

I appreciate all the help


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