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Not a license or anything that glamorous.  I'm a certified control room operator for a liquid waste disposal site.  I hope I wasn't misleading about my background.  I guess I should have said zero power generation experience too.

Thanks for your help.  I guess I'll google "targeted selection" interviews.  Do you have any tips about this type of interview.

Thanks again.

by the way how do you "bug them".  What kind of emails should I send?  To who?  I want the emails or contact to have a point rather than "just wanted to drop you a liine Mr/Mrs hiring manager"  Thoughts??


It doesn't matter. You have experience at an industrial facility. To me that's important. Provided you're intelligent and can follow work direction you should be all right. Admittedly you are at a disadvantage as compared with someone with Nuke Operating or Naval Experience but it's not insurmountable.

Lots of utilities hire at least one or two people in each class who aren't traditional nukes because it keeps the overall plant outlok fresh.

By the way, mid summer is a bad time to get hired. Most companies hire just after Refueling outages which occur in early to mid spring and in late fall.

I'd start with the people who interviewed you. Usually there's at least one operator on the hiring team. That's the person you have to sell.


I see.  My next interview has a hire date in Sept.  When I contact them I just say "please hire me" or should I point out the similarities between my work experience and their job posting.  How do I find out who this operator is?  My interview was one session with a training lead and the another session with the Ops manager.

As for plant outlook, the training manager said something like what you said too. 

Thanks for your time.

Emphasize how much you really want the job, and how you believe your past experience can help them. In other words do your best to turn the interview into something about your unique talents.

As for finding out how to contact them. Ask. Find exactly when they'll make the decision. Ask them if you can have a point of contact.

Targetted selection is basically a bank of questions based on how you can help them and how you handle yourself.

1: Give three examples of how you improved a team?

2: Tell me about a bad team you once were on, and what you did to attempt to improve it?

3: How you improved or would improve a good team?

4: What are your weaknesses? And what are you doing about them?

5: What are your strengths? How are you improving them? How are you spreading your strengths to others?

6: Would you consider getting a mentor to help you?

7: You've been given a job with a fellow employee. You're to do it together but he's slacking. You are not his supervisor. What do you do?

8: How often do you assess yourself?

9: What do you do with this assessment?



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