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Same stuff I said eh? Virtually everyone is using Targetted Interview Selection right now. And GUESS who has gone to that school?


Hello...this isn't actually FreddyFroo, but his better half.  My husband has testing, interviews etc. in a few days with DTE for an NLO position and I want him to make a good impression.  I was just wondering if you guys could give me some insight into proper attire for a Meet and Greet dinner, poss testing, and interviews.  At first we were thinking nice Dockers and a dress shirt, but my aunt (who is an independant career consultant) suggested that he should be wearing no less then a sport coat and tie, preferably a suit.  Help!  Thanks in advance.  --Froo's wife.

Roll Tide:

I wore a suit and tie to my interview because expert career consultants explained it had to be done. (In spite of that, I got the job.) You dress for an interview like you will dress for the job or up to one level above. If NLO's typically wear jeans until they get their company assigned uniforms (like most sites today), then Dockers and a nice shirt are as high as you should go. Wear leather shoes in case there is an opportunity for a tour.

Ask the aunt if you should ever outdress the person giving the interviews? Some sites have upper management in sport coat and tie, but typically casual areas of the country (such as Florida) the OPS manager will be wearing Dockers and a nicer shirt than the NLO!

Excellent advice Roll Tide and precisely what I would have said assuming he is meeting with the people that will be his immediate supervisors. The only caveat is that if he is meeting with the folks from offsite he may want the tie. The main difference seems to be the site culture vs. home office culture. If they are home office staff, the expectations may be higher... but if it really is a meet and greet, you hit the nail on the head. One level up is perfect.

If he wears a suit he will have outdressed everyone but the maitre d' (assuming they go to a nice restaurant.)

At a plant I recently left after a long-term engagment, the site VP used to come in dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt. If you saw him in a suit you knew there was someone important coming to a meeting. It was amazing how many people he caught wasting time because if you didn't know him you thought he was an average worker.

For my interview with DTE, I wore business casual (Dress Pant, Long Sleeve Polo Shirt) for the Meet and Greet.  For the Poss Test, I went with the same type of business casual.  I wore the same clothing at the Dinner after the Poss test.  For the interview I did add a jacket and tie.  I was hired by DTE for NLO position.  The interview schedule HR sent to me had some dress codes listed for each function.  Usually the interviews are done by a couple of licensed operators, Control Room Supervisor, and I do believe they will try to get a NLO to them.  Also an HR person will be there to oversee the interview process.  Overall it was one of the better interview processes I have been through.


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