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 8) someone tell me how to fix the problem if your FFD was not up to par. :-X

First is to admit that there is a problem. The Quickest solution and not the easiest is Rehab and out of the business for a year. Or out of the business for 3 to 5 years with an assessment. Either way on your return to Nuclear Power you will be FDD tested a lot. So a desire and decision to change has to be initiated.

Since there are about a hundred ways to be flagged on FFD, I'd suggest checking out 10CFR26 for starters.  Each company and site, has it's own policies and restrictions.  Contact the Companies Security Department and ask!  As much as some hesitate to do so, you have to tell them the real deal!  A second ping for dishonesty will seal your fate, pretty much forever!


Good luck I seen a lot of guys mess there life in the past.
all the items the others listed is a good start. you may have to go to D&D work ofr a while.


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