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SPRU.  Might take a RCT postion Decommissioning. Any info. would be great .
Training ? Tests ? Work environment ? etc.

Good news, Bad news.
Good gig for as long as will last. DOE pay (~30/hr) and benefits (health and welfare stipend of $3.50/hr for 40 hrs/wk). Warning though. SPRU had a Type B DOE investigation on an incident in 2010. Zero tolerance on mistakes now. :-\ :-\

Bad news is New York taxes. NY taxes EVERYTHING!!! God help you if you smoke. Not only do you have NY state, but you may also have city and county income taxes to pay. This is the only reason I will never work in NY state (again). :( :(

Nice place to visit, but sucks to pay taxes. 8) :(

Good luck on you future endeavor.

BA  8) 8) 8)


DOE Core or Navy 108 ? (Training) ?

DOE CORE, I just left there in Dec. good people and nice area..... yes high taxes but the per diem makes up for a lot.............and they are still trying to recover from the incident, so a lot of eyes on them, Sign up they could use your help


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