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Trying to connect with people working at Oconee in Seneca, SC

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My husband will be detaching from the Navy this winter and we are looking for people who work or have worked at the Oconee plant in Seneca, SC.  We are interested in relocating to the area and have a lot of questions.  We'd be much appreciative of anyone able to help us out  :)
Erin Estes
Ballston Spa, NY


--- Quote from: Chimera on Aug 01, 2012, 09:56 ---The bugs are bigger, the weather is warmer and the people are nicer . . . but that's just a personal opinion based on working at both places in the past.

--- End quote ---

The bugs are in your house, you will sweat your butt off 7 months a year, and the people are nicer to those they classify as people, not so much to those ranked as "other",...

it's all about where you fit in best,... :P

Then again, there are no commercial nukes anywhere near Ballston Spa, NY (nor will there ever be in our lifetimes),...

So you probably fit in best where there is a paycheck!!!!

Good Luck and we thank your husband for his service,... 8)

I'm Virginian by birth, so I'm looking forward to heading South away from all this blasted snow!  We lucked out with a mild winter last year and I'm hoping to move before we get another storm this year :)

Lorrie Henson:
My husband has worked outages there several times.  I have traveled with him along with our children.   I absolutely loved the area and it was on my list of  places I'd like to move to.   I've not seen job openings yet, but haven't been looking on a regular basis either.  Of all the places I've traveled with Jim, I liked Seneca the best!!

We went on a road trip this past June to a lot of the southeastern nuke plants (about 10 of them).  I had my heart set on Huntersville, but it proved too much traffic and people for our personalities and we fell in love with the Clemson/Seneca/Salem area!  Where is your husband working now?


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