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So a SuperTech consultant who has ascended to a level far superior  to that of the lowly RPT, cant write a flippin resume. Good luck to you, and the"many" of you who find yourselves in this challenging situation. I miss the 34 years of work that I did at the technician level, I dont miss the "many" self-inflated blowhards that seem to be so prevalent within the rocks. Today was tomorrow yesterday, whereas today will be yesterday tomorrow. May the mean free path of the COVID 19 virus be a short one.

Is this a joke?

More of an observational reflection.

I guess this useful conversation is over. Just thought maybe there was a respectful level of professionalism that would prevail but as it appears that is not the case. There are those in today's environment that don't fall into the level of knowledge that was displayed in this discussion.


--- Quote from: TechSuper on Mar 03, 2020, 12:29 ---In some situations, as a consultant, opportunities to return to jobs/locations were rare and generally far between.

--- End quote ---
Maybe that's a reflection on you. I had found people are always welcome back if they did a good job and established good relationships.


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