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Author Topic: Why You Didn't Get the Interview  (Read 20800 times)

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Re: Why You Didn't Get the Interview
« Reply #25 on: Mar 07, 2020, 05:35 »
Any job. Over one page. I throw it away.


   As those asking are contract workers in general I doubt most people here will be submitting for a job where you are the reviewer. Yeah yeah I know you have reviewed thousands but so have I and many jobs require a certain amount of information in a font size that does not require a magnifying glass to read. For contractors they may be required to show all experience and even with one line entries that can be very long for some. RFPs especially for the DOE may have specific requirements for a position that must show specific qualifications and experience. The contractor submitting for an RFP wants your resume to be competitive and that is rarely one page.


How long should a resume be?

One-page resumesDecades ago, someone declared a resume should never exceed one page. This idea spread like wildfire and continues to this day, but is it time to debunk this “rule” once and for all?“In my 30-plus years as a resume writer, I’ve never come across definitive proof that a resume should be one page,” says Norine Dagliano, nationally certified resume writer, nationally certified online profile expert, and owner of ekm Inspirations, a resume- and online-profile-writing service. “Focusing primarily on the appropriate number of pages is a misdirected concern and can inhibit one’s ability to effectively market themselves.


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Re: Why You Didn't Get the Interview
« Reply #26 on: Mar 07, 2020, 06:18 »
"It's kinda hard to return to a decommissioning project, after you have turned it into a green field...  Or to write a license to a new reactor after that reactor is running. You keep thinking that everyone is a contract RP tech at a refueling outage.  That is a small portion of the world.  And not what we are talking about.  Seems more of a reflection of YOU, and your ignorance."

This is complete BS.  You don't have to go back to the same physical place to be "welcome back".  The people you worked with, the company your worked for, the contacts you made are all about being "welcome back".   Because SOMEBODY you worked with who knows your were a Di1d0 at your last job (you know who you are certain people out there) will let everyone else know until there are alot less places that "welcome back" your behind.


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