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Why You Didn't Get the Interview

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Excellent advice Mike. I recently hired someone and I screened the resumes very close to how your advice reads.
For HP / RP please, for the love of god don't put what meters you have used on your resume. Instant red flag that gets you in the "NO" pile.

Thank you for sharinng this!  Very helpful

I received a little bit of insight from a woman who admitted that she made eight bucks an hour to scan for keywords.

I submitted a resume for a position for which I had all of the bases covered. I had done the job before with the same title and fully expected that I met the requirements for getting an interview. Then I received an email the next day saying that I was not under consideration. I called the office and talked to one of the people who screened resumes. I told her that my education, experience, NRRPT, and CHP fully met all their requirements. After some frustrating back and forth she told me that she makes eight bucks an hour and her job is to scan resumes for ten key words. If you hit seven your resume goes in one pile. Less than that and it goes in the trash.



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LOL! Thanks


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