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kelly cotter:
Hello I am thinking about move back to Newyork back in the area of Ginna and looking to get back into Ginna any one out there have any names and or phone numbers to Rp any help would be great thank you KR Cotter.

Hello ... Kelly.. if you want to continue your employment with Bartlett you can contact Scott Davis at 1-800-225-0385 ext. 1291. If you are planning to make a jump back up north before the end of the year, it would be a professional curtsey if you let Joey know of this also.His extension is 1272.
Just sayin..... ::)

Donald McHose
BNI Radiation Protection Supervisor
Catawba Nuclear Station

I’m looking for a job at Ginna

Can I get a job at Ginna?

Can i get a job at Gina?..


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