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--- Quote from: on Nov 13, 2020, 09:12 ---How many questions are in the NRRPT practice test data base that NukeWorker offers?

--- End quote ---

Currently there are 523 questions in the NRRPT database, broken down by category below.  I may supplement that in the future if there is interest.  There are 1,182 questions in total, in our database.  Most of which may be accessed by the "RP Challenge" quiz.

General NRRPT Category   50
Physical Sciences   53
Nuclear Physics   24
Sources of Radiation   17
Radioactivity and Radioactive Decay   78
Interactions of Radiation with Matter   47
Biological Effects of Radiation   49
Radiological Protection Standards   15
ALARA   26
External Exposure Control   60
Internal Exposure Control   46
Radiation Detector Theory   58


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