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I am living in South Korea and I need to take the Nuf test this spring.  What are my options?  Is there an online version or a place in Asia I can take the test?  If not, where can I fly back to to take the test?  Thanks

The NUF test is taken online, via nantel, proctored by a nantel proctor.  (Those proctors are at US Nuclear plants).

Why do you think you need it in Korea?

I am teaching at an international school in Korea.  My family and I are going back to the states and I am looking to becoming a road tech.  I use to work at hanford, and I have a cousin who is a road tech now.  I want to take the test to see if I can get a job.  I need to know before I get back in June, because I will need to get a teaching jobs if I can not work on the road.

Can I take the test at Hanford?  If so, do I have to schedule the test?


just take the nukeworker tests until you get 100s then you will be ready with minimal study time.  it isn't unheard of for a utility to allow someone to take the NUF early but it is usually because they have already worked there and know the training people very well.  its not normal.  you would probably have to know someone.  nantel has it online but I don't know how you could get access to it without being at a commercial nuclear training site.


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