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Information about the POSS, GFES, BMST, EEI, MASS and TECH Tests  can be found in the POSS, GFES, BMST, EEI, MASS and TECH Tests section, found here.,250.0.html

Please read that section first, and post any questions there.

Gentlemen I have a quick question with regards to the POSS C exam. Quick background, I am going in to take the exam tomorrow. I got 2 days notice so needless to say I didn’t have much time to prepare. I feel confident I will be okay although I wish I had time to prepare properly so I’d be certain. I stumbled onto this forum last night and it has given me a bunch of great info. The question I have has been asked many times but there is no clear answer. The question is “ Is it better to make an educated guess on the questions that are taking too long? Or is it best too only answer the ones I am certain of? The reason I ask this again is because on the EEI website in the POSS EXAM brochure it says under the scoring section “ The test components are scored based on the number of questions a person answers correctly. There is no penalty for guessing or wrong answers.” As far as I have seen this info has never been referenced in any of the posts I have read. Why is there so much debate when it says this on the EEI website? Is that information outdated? Has this information been overlooked by so many people? I will leave the link so you can see what I am talking about. The scoring section is on page 5. Someone please let me know if that info can be trusted because if that is true how I will be making educated guesses on most that take too long. I would hate to fail because I get a few wrong answers based off inaccurate info. A responce would be much appreciate! Thank you for you time.

Your question has been answered many times before.
Try searching

Did you read my full post? I have searched many times, have not come across any posts referring to the document. Also please just answer yes or no to the following question. Is the information about the grading found in the EEI POSS TEST Brochure accurate?  Thank you.

Lol telling me what to do has never been a success path for people who have actually done something in this industry.

Your answers are in those posts.

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