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Roll Tide:

--- Quote ---Where's the choice for "All the above"? ;D
--- End quote ---

Many good choices, as well as many good reasons to visit the site. :)

I use it for:

1) Job search. :-?

2) Amusement - reading posts. [smiley=laugh.gif]

3) Flirting with NukeRecruiter  [smiley=1luvu.gif], but the girl just won't take the bait.

4) This site also has comprehensive Study Guide info - highly recommended. (y)

5) Keeping tabs on old roadies. [smiley=wave.gif]

Uh, not necessarily in that order either.  [smiley=1luvu.gif]

1. Keep in touch with friends.
2. Read the posts and get a chuckle or two
3. See what jobs are listed
4. Give karma
5. Just generally enjoy the site!

whinell ain't der know "yousing da speil chequer" ?

LOL.  We all knew that SloGlo.  I use it for Nukeinfo and keeping up with friends and the industry news.  Giving Karma is fun and the jokes are great when you need a laugh.  Radbitch is one funny lady.   ;D


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