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I'm hunting and deleting and removing... let me know if you stop getting the warnings.  Also, any details you can provide, especially if it can tell me what files to look at.

Mine denied me for 3 days. Avast has an option where you can exclude sites from it's Webshield. I tried excluding but it wouldn't let me in. So I turned Web Shield off. It let Nukeworker on because that was the url I was trying to get into but it stopped that thing I just posted.

I haven't tried logging on at home again.

Mike it didn't give a folder or file, it only gave me what I posted here.

Best as I can tell AVG claims we have the "Phoenix exploit kit" on 16 Pages, but it wont mention what 16 they are.  Could be a false positive.

I scanned the site with 30 others scanners (including Google Safe Browsing), and they all came up clean... only AVG 'thinks' we have an issue.

I made a few minor changes anyways, let me know if you are still getting the warnings.

Honestly, if Google doesn't think we have an issue, and 30 other scanners think we are safe.... the problem may be with AVG trying to sell more software or something.  I've scanned the site with many virus scanners, and they find nothing.  AVG claims something is there, but wont say where it is specifically.  Very vague...

I've see that kind of activity before when our site was clean, but the client side computer (yours) had a virus that redirected your website requests through bad websites.

I guess it's possible that AVG is the only software that can detect this really old virus threat, and the other 30 (including norton and google) can't.

From other computers I don't get banned or locked out. I don't have AVG, I have a free anti virus called Avast. So far they haven't tried selling me anything. I turned Avast Webshield off it let me in here but blocked that other site again.


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