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I am currently an EM2(N) and I have a few questions as far as how I should prepare myself now for a career in commercial nuclear power. First off I am thinking about applying for STA-21 and becoming a nuke officer. Do commercial plants look higher upon someone for making Chief or being an officer? Is there a difference in how much I would be paid? As far as education is concerned, what type of a degree would be most benificial? Do I even need a degree with the experiance I will have as a nuke? I wont be getting out of the Navy for a while, but I would like to get a start on preparing now so that I'm not lost when I do get out. Any guidance on things I can do now?  Thanks for your help!!

-EM2 O'D

Roll Tide:
My advice would be to get a degree, because it will open up some doors and put you farther up in line on others.

You want at least a B.S., but an Engineering degree would be better for some fields. I recommend a degree which qualifies as Shift Technical Advisor (STA): in summary you must have 2 calculus classes and 2 calculus-based physics classes or you aren't eligible.

Thomas Edison and Excelsior have programs that can be finished quickly, but you can probably get a more traditional degree.

B.S. is better than A.S., and A.S. is better than "I have the necessary credits but not an actual degree, please accept the equivalence."

(Test out as much as possible for the credits, the Navy provides good opportunities.)

Many commercial plants are unionized. This often means that if you want a career in Ops, then you have to start as an AO (Auxilliary Operator....similar to Engine Room or AMR watches), put in your time and wait for an opening in the Control Rm that you have enough seniority to get.
I would agree with RT (that's a first, huh) that getting your degree is the wisest thing. It opens lots of doors.


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