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A Brit HP wanting to work abroad. Help.


I'm 30yrs old, been in the industry for 7yrs now, starting with Vessel Entry and eventually falling into HP monitoring a few years back. I've experience as a HPM of Bradwell, Trawsfynydd and Hunterston B, although also worked on a fair few other sites the 4yrs before.

Anyway, I want out of the UK for a while. I have my reasons for that, but would really love to work abroad for 6-12mths.

Where, well given I don't speak any other language I suppose it would have to be S.Africa, Canada or the USA. However I'd work anywhere.

Can anyone give me advice on steps to take for doing this?

Already Gone:
Canada is more likely than the US.  British and Europeans get work there more often than they do in the US. 
Try here:


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