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My favorites are: Denise Leisure, Ted Maine, Pat Burke,  Ed Carl, and Marty Erickson. (All happen to work for Bartlett...interesting)

Carolina Jethro:
Favorites: Brian Clow, Butch Byrd, Roger(Catfish)Littleton, Chris Pate

Larry Werner, Joey Crider, Fred Campbell
Deceased: Don Feddern, Phil Duvall :)

Already Gone:
Bill Zak was da man.  Anybody know where he is these days?

First of all I would like to say that this an excellent site.I have been in the industry for more years than i want to say. I've seen many site coordinators during that time. I've seen the "no-see-ums" and the ones that didn't give a darn about the technicians. I vowed that when I became a site coordinator that I wasn't going to be like that. I have tried to be the coordinator that many of my former coordinators have not been. I guess that i've suceeded in some way since i haven't made the worst list. I guess that my message to all the coordinators out there is:be honest and upfront with the techs-make sure that the paycheck are right and are delivered ontime (how would you like it if you're check wasn't right)and treat the technicians like the professionals they are.As for my favorite- I haven't had the pleasure of working for Ted Maine, but as a friend of his, I'm sure that he is doing a great job,and I am looking forward to working at one of the Neb. plants in the future. Hey big daddy I guess the doctors Seivers didn't do such a bad job bringing us into this world. Hope to see you and Lori soon.


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