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Jim "Jamesable" Radosevich. Stephen "Lear Jet" Lehrer. Vintage years at the Cook. 85-90.

Dale pittman,joey crider,bill breen,jim price

I worked a lot of outages in the early 80's for IRM, DNI, Numanco and Bartlett. I was new in the business and I can't say that I spent too much time mentally grading the performance of the Site Coordinators, but the ones who stood out as "most memorable" - one for good reasons and one for bad, were Bernie Barker and Joe Worley.

 Anyways, my story is that after 24 years working long term for DOE contractors I "retired" and thought it would be interesting to go work an outage again. Bartlett was kind enough to hook me up with a spot at Fermi last Spring and with a lot of self re-orienting I think I managed to be a SHPT/SRCT/SRPT without humiliating myself too much.

One of the hundreds of little things that had changed (mostly for the worse in my opinion) since the "old days" was that the Site Coordinators were expected to work in the plant like any other tech and do whatever coordinating they needed to do as a secondary priority. I was assigned to the day shift dry well crew and one of the other members of this crew was Kirtland Young who also was the DZ Atlantic Site Coordinator. Anybody who has ever worked on a dry well crew knows that good techs relieve others on time or early, give brief but accurate turnover, and put equipment where it can be found. Kirtland is the kind of tech who does these things and it wasn't until the outage was half over before I found out that he was a Coordinator. The only time I ever saw him miss a turn in the well was once when he was out getting sandwiches for the whole department. I don't know who the best all time Coordinator was, but if I was trying to staff outages, I would sure have Kirtland on my speed dial.   



--- Quote from: Cathy on May 28, 2007, 10:00 ---faxes in the travel forms the same day or day after so we get our travel in a week. I truly don't care if I like them or not as long as I get my check on time, correct and in my hand.

--- End quote ---
Dave Hutton for a brief time did Big Rock (when still operating), met us in the parking lot with 2 checks (travel pay calculated from the higher of your home or last outage and advance Per Diem.) If you didn't need the advance Diem he simply put it into his pocket and returned it to the company. The travel pay was always the largest amount that could be gotten for you and was always correct (for me anyway). He also gave me a jar of his salsa..... I am to this day hooked on good salsa.


Wanted to give a shout out to Todd Mobley. He was listed here years back as a favorite. He has passed. Todd was a dear friend, great person and best HP! His bitch wife is not having a service or any thing. The folks at his company now including his son Keith are a mess over this. Please take care or your self and keep Keith and his young family in your prayers.


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