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Favorite Site Coordinators

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Best SC's would have to be:

Dave Compton, Steve Hillstead, Nick Nicholas,
Darryl Hutton.

Duke Nuker:
My favorite would have to be Doug McBride.  He showed me that I was going nowhere in the business.  That made me get off my butt and start looking for other less political work. Although most of the folks that have ever worked for him have an intense dislike, I actually have come to appreciate the smack down that I was provided (free of charge).  They say you need to give everyone a second chance, I did, and now I am happier than I have ever been in my working life.

Thanks Doug for a job well done.

In the posts I have read, I failed to see some of the most interesting names of coordinators that I have worked with over the years.  How about Wild Bill (want a heart check) Campbell?  He made my first day at Oconee a painful one.  Lunch runs with Bob Gladney at IP 2 back in the early 80's, did we go on a lunch run?  Only Brother James Radosovich could be the Coordinator from outside the fence at Vogtle RFO1.  One of my favorites was watching Neb Bunn melt down during the Recirc Outage at VY in the mid 80's.  Not a pretty site.  But we had Ed Wagelin (sp?) for backup.  Phil Duval, who could ask for a nicer individual even though I thought he was a little brown noser when first arriving at Mcguire from the ship yard.  It took a while, but I met the real Phil.

I could name a few bad coordinators but it was probably because I was such a ******. Thanks to the ones that put up with my sniviling and crying and poor excuses. Being Mom to a buch of half drunk yoyo's like us in the early 80's couldn't have been easy.

Pete Mcalister has always done me right and can through a good party.
Better yet he will stick up for his Techs.


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