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Need explanation of Simulator Maintenance job?

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I am getting an interview for this job.  I think I understand the tasks and feel I can do the job...but I have some concerns.

It is a rotating contract, with NO benefits.  The pay is only 18-22hr, but they already said $25 is very possible.

I love the job description, but for that type of money with no benefits, it seems way too low.

Please tell me what you can about this job, and what typically a person is paid in this position.

12 Months contract w/ extensions.

Please see attached SOW for job description. The candidate must be able to work with electronic circuits. THIS IS NOT AN IT DESKSIDE SUPPORT ROLE

Simulator Hardware Maintenance/Training Technology Specialist - Scope of Work

The following describes the scope of work involved in performing preventive and corrective maintenance on Simulator control panel hardware and I/O, and maintaining classroom training technology components.


• Perform hardware preventive and corrective maintenance activities for the simulator.

• With input from Training and IT, assemble needed work plans for simulator hardware work, including developing installation plans and methods for modifications and enhancements.

• Install modifications involving simulator panel hardware changes.

• Specify/order parts and materials required for preventive and corrective maintenance, as well as authorized hardware enhancements.

• Specify and maintain Classroom Technology Components outside scope of IT support.

• Assist Simulator Coordinator with data gathering and validation activities.

• Ensure all maintenance is completed as required in a manner to meet the needs of the site training programs.

Hardware Maintenance Activities

Install, troubleshoot, repair, configure, and maintain standard control panel devices. (Switches, lights, meters, potentiometers, chart recorders, horns, etc…) Install, troubleshoot, repair, configure, and maintain I/O system to the Simulation Computer interface (Chassis, Cards, Power Supplies, device wiring, etc..) Install, troubleshoot and repair stimulated electronic panel devices (e.g. Controllers).

Install, troubleshoot and repair simulated electronic panel devices (e.g. Bailey Feedwater controllers, SPING, etc.) Vacuum, dust, clean control panels, if not provided by others.

Removal of unused wiring and components after modifications.

Follow test procedures when equipment is installed or modified.

Review and compare plant control room and simulator configuration to identify differences (in conjunction with Training)

Hardware Work Preparation Activities

Provide estimates for installation of station modifications for input to Simulator Work Requests.

Specify parts needed to implement modifications or enhancements.

Develop work packages as needed for maintenance, modifications, and enhancements.

Update documentation (including drawings, if applicable).

Create/modify meter scales as needed for existing equipment.

Layout/design of control room environment changes. (Instructor booth, furniture, ceiling, NSO desks, etc.) Interface the simulator I/O system or computer system to stimulated devices.

Work with vendors to have designs implemented.

Implement designs in-house when appropriate.

Write and maintain guidelines for the operations and maintenance of new equipment.

Parts Procurement Activities

Specify parts needed for modifications, enhancements, and repairs.

Specify/maintain spare parts inventory.

Specify/maintain consumables inventory.

Researching, Ordering, Coding, and tracking parts needed for corrective and preventive maintenance and enhancements. Modification parts may be handled by Engineering in some cases.

Shipping, tracking, and receiving components for repair.

Administrative Activities

Update Simulator Work Requests/Minor Maintenance Issues as needed.

Update documentation (including drawings, if applicable).

Assist Simulator Coordinator with plant data collection, physical fidelity comparison walk downs, and scenario testing activities Classroom Training Technology Activities Specify, Install, troubleshoot, repair, and configure audio-visual systems, digital signage, training mock-ups and other classroom technology not typically maintained by IT Develop and update display graphics for instructor workstations and stand-alone simulation systems (i.e.: V-Panels) Assist Training Department with the development of graphics needed for training materials and classroom presentations.


I know the Useta plant had a deal like this where the upgrades and maintenance of the simulator were taken care of by low-bid contracts, instead of using the house I&C techs.  So, my guess is you are basically applying for an I&C job, minus the risk and liability of working on an operational power plant.

You would have to tell us what part of the country you are in to fully analyze the pay rate, but does sound low-end, therefore in line with a low-bid contractor...  Might be a decent route to get some experience, but probably not great long-term option.

Good luck!  :)

Location is Northern IL.....

If I do get offered this job, I want to be able to ask for the correct amount of pay. 

And yes.....I really do think it would be a great experience for other jobs down the road.

thanks for any info

Can anyone say what the pay should be?


--- Quote from: weatherby460 on Jan 19, 2013, 07:59 ---Can anyone say what the pay should be?

--- End quote ---

I'd say it's low if you are within 50 miles of Chicago...probably about right for an entry-level job otherwise.

Disclaimer:  It's been half-dozen years since I've worked northern Illinois, so this is just based on gut reaction, not current information about the job market there.

Play around with a bit and see what kind of an answer you get.  And let us know how things look!

Good luck!  :)


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