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What are the going rates these days?


I've been off the road for a few years (and contemplating going back on). 

----What are the going rates for Sr HP's these days at power plants?

----What's the average duration for a tech at a plant?

When I left (5 yrs ago) SR's were getting $18-23/hr, 80-120/day diem,  ~$1000/day bonus, ~$500 travel max.  Contracts lasted from 5-10 weeks depending on scope.

Still the same?

Add 10% to the hourly and subtract 30-50% from the outage duration.

~$1000/day bonus ? sign me up


--- Quote from: stownsend on Mar 22, 2005, 03:29 ---~$1000/day bonus ? sign me up
--- End quote ---

I agree... bet he meant $1000/outage. You can also cut the travel pay down to about $300 max and take the full 50% off the duration of most unless it is a component replacement outage (head, s/g, pressurizer, etc.)

Roll Tide:

--- Quote from: RDTroja on Mar 22, 2005, 03:33 ---And a 5 week outage is a good one.
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You can get hired for SGRP outage and get laid off in less than 5 weeks!


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