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I don't understand how they could be done interviewing on the 16th of Feburary.  I'mnot sure which position you are referring to, but the Entry-Level Operator job was posted twice from what I could see.  Once on Feb. 6th and again on Feb 16th.  If they pretty much have everyone figured out who they want by the 16th its disingenuous of them to repost the job then.  Maybe were talking about two different positions. 

i'm just curious

How long after you applied did they contact you?  an when they mention 'Entry Level' do they really mean it.  I'm new to these forums, but from what I have read 'Entry Level' really means experienced.  I have a Bachelors in a scientific field but no relevant hands on experience (hence why I am looking at entry level).  There doesn't seem to be a closing date for the jobs posted either but I a assume if the job posting is still up they are still looking. If you fit all the basic qualifications they posted do they automatically call you in for the POSS and BMST exams?  Thanks in advance


Look a little closer, this was originally started in 2013. So that could explain your confusion. For these positions entry level usually means trainee.

thanks sorry didnt notice it.  saw feb 16th and remembered that was a key date.    I'm still curious about my questions about the length of time to respond.  I give props to Exelon for answering their phone with a person when you call HR.  I know of companies where if you call and do not have a specific name or extension number for them they won't tell you anything.  I would imagne after a couple of weeks of no response that means you dont meet their internal qualifications.


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