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So I am on my last string of options here and wonder if any of my RP Tech pals can help me out here. :)

I want to get a house job at Sequoyah or even Watts Bar, but as we all know it is like getting congress to agree on a budget. I have searched their job site for over a year and wondered if they would ever post an opening. I hear from numerous techs that the best way to go if you don't have family in their plants is to go to Brown's Ferry and work your butt off for a few years and try to transfer.

I repeat when I say, I have never seen external openings, but, I hear that they have a higher than average turnover rate there. Which leads me to believe that there is a way to get a house job there. Anyone know how or who I could contact to get a resume sent in??

Thanks for any help you can be!



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