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Well you take and analyze samples of all kinds of different mediums.  You could be going to the stack and removing air samples for analysis.  Or the RCS, which is analyzed for different things in different ways, gaseous and liquid.  Some of the analysis will be right there or you might have to take a sample back to another lab and do a titration, like for boron.  You will be all over the plant sometimes taking weird samples like Diesel Generator Fuel, or Non Rad Waste, or during an outage sampling a reactor drain tank in the containment(rare).  You could end up doing some shipping for more specialized samples.  A newby would do alot of nitrogen filling to keep the Germanium detectors at the right temp.  Could be down in radwaste analyzing tank samples.  you may be the guy who hooks up and fills chemical systems, like morpholine, when the truck comes in, yucky.  I helped change out resin beds and get rid of old resin waste water in tanks.  we added boron if I remember with a addition pot to the rcs.  put boron in the pot and shoot it in.  there is a tech that walks around with a cart taking a bunch of small samples at different system points, like TDS/chlorides on fresh water system.  May have to analyze for total activity in the count room for discharge water.  Sometimes there is a countroom guy who analyzes what people bring him, but he may be the only one so he goes and gets the samples then comes back and analyzes them back in the countroom.  You probably have a RCS/primary lab, a S-G/secondary lab, and a countroom.  Dayshift has more peeps doing most of the dailys while the guy on backshift may not do much.

Peach Bottom is a great place to work.
I was hired in 2008 as an NLO and am now just a few weeks away from becoming an RO.
I agree with the prior comments regarding how you should take the Chem Tech opportunity now and later, if you desire, and prove to have good work habits and procedural compliance, then transferring into OPS should be relatively easy.

As for the location comments: from my perspective, the amish are much more "noticeable" for those living in Lancaster/Millersville areas and those living up Rt.74 in the Red Lion area. By noticeable, I am referring to having to slow down behind a horse and buggy and wait for a clearing to pass. People living in those areas will generally see these delays on route to or from work by traveling Rt.74 and Rt.372.

I live in Rising Sun, MD which is about 25 minutes from Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station located in Delta, PA. Personally, I really do love living in this area. When I was younger and single, Lancaster, Millersville, and York were fun due to their nightlife. But now that I am a little older, married, and expecting our first child, I am very glad that we live in a more "country" atmosphere with 4.5 acres for the dogs and a lot less traffic congestion. I am minutes from Rt.1, Rt.272, Rt.273, & importantly I-95. During the summer, we are basically on our boat every other day on the North East River and Upper Chesapeake Bay area. Our marina, McDaniel Yacht Basin, is only a 15 minute drive away.

Enough ranting on my part. If you find this information helpful, feel free to send me a PM and I'd be happy to attempt to address any more of your questions or concerns regarding employment at Peach Bottom or living in the area.


The drive to and from Peach Bottom was great. The majority of my drive was quiet and had little to no traffic. Roads had a lot of hills and curves which would have been more fun if I had my car (they gave me a Dodge Avenger :-\).

Maybe if they decide to call me back for an interview i'll explore the towns a bit.


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