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Union worker here with a question about bumping.

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Here's the jist. I'm in a contract with the plant I work at that says during a reduction in forces, my work group is immune to bumping. We are in the middle of lay offs & a new final agreement came out between my company & the Union which says others will be able to bump us regardless of what the contract says. Is this legal? What can be done? My coworkers are considering having a lawyer look into this. If anyone has had a similar experience or knows someone who has I'd love to speak with you. Thanks!

Are you a contractor or company employee?

Company employee.

If the company is laying off workers and this is a union job, seniority rules apply. That's the way it works. It's a lousy system at times, but in the end it's the fairest way.

The "memorandum of understanding" or MOA is like adding an amendment to the Constitution.  It changes the text in the contract to whatever is in the MOA.


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