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I just doubled the number of questions in NP-1 Atomic Nature of Matter and NP-2 Nuclear Stability.

I also added new tests for each of the 10 Modules. (NP1-5 & RP1-5) so you can brush up on just the parts you are struggling with. 

I also added a new test I call 'Old NEU'.  'Old NEU' is comprised of questions in my database that I don't believe are on the new NUF, but you may want to brush up on the information.  For example, there are 85 Objectives in the NUF study guide.  There are 50 objectives the new NUF test is based on.  The other 35 objectives (41%) of my database is not on the NUF so I have covered them in the 'Old NEU' section for posterity sake. -- And you never know when they may decide to change the objectives again.  ;)

Tomorrow I'll add more questions to the NP-4 Behavior & Interactions and NP-5 Nuclear Reactions sections, doubling their database size.  I may also get to RP-1 Biological Effects tomorrow as well, to double its size.  After that, I'll work on NP-3 and the other RP2-5 sections.  They are much larger and take more time.


--- Quote from: Rennhack on Apr 26, 2013, 11:23 ---Tomorrow I'll add more questions to the NP-5 Nuclear Reactions section, doubling its database size.
--- End quote ---

NP-5 Nuclear Reactions has been updated.  It's question database is now twice as large.

Thanks for all of your hard work to help us study.  :)


--- Quote from: irishfan on Apr 29, 2013, 10:27 ---Thanks for all of your hard work to help us study.  :)

--- End quote ---

Thank you for the acknowledgment.  It takes me weeks of work to do these updates.

Gosh, I hope I finished this work and just forgot to update this thread.


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