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Perdiem up front?

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Already Gone:
My company pays my per diem on payday.  I have no problem with that.  They always ask to make sure that I have the financial resources to travel and pay for lodging.  If it were necessary, they would advance the money, but it usually is no problem.
Bartlett, for all the bad-mouthing they receive, is pretty trusting.  Not only do they pay your first check up-front, but all the others come before the end of the week in which they are earned.  So, if you get laid off before Sunday you still owe them money.  They don't have to do that.  They could actually have you on the job for up to twelve days before they give you anything.  Before they went to weekly paychecks, they still got the diem out every week.  Again, this is above and beyond what they had to do.

But I see that once you get used to that, it seems like anything else is a rip-off.  So, the bottom line is to work only for companies that you can trust, and don't be afraid to ask in advance what their policies are.


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