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 I am looking for some  information concerning the Security Officers at Oconee. Are they in house or contractor? Are they represented by a union? Most impotantly what is the Officer top out pay and how long does it take to get there?

I don't know what the topped out pay is, but I think they start out at $18.

I asked a senior security guy the other day what the hiring was like because a friend wanted to get on. He told me that the job posting to hire 3-6 folks from 13 months prior had just sent out the job offers b/c over 6000 applied and over 2/3 were not only qualified, but met most/all of the desired quals. He said it took them that year to weed it down and get the best folks.

Long story short....unless you know someone or are a super man with an incredible resume you aren't getting on at security.

Disclaimer: This is remembered to the best of my abilities the numbers quoted aren't exact, but they are close.


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