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i got out of there a couple years ago when stoller pulled out and i knew some fishy stuff was going on with one of the people in charge of hiring bringing his buddys in off the street and letting them cheat on the core test but now im hearing they all got caught and a bunch of them were fired and DOE is pressing charges on others. its all just rumors though, anybody else hear anything? sort of sounds like what bartlett was doing at fernald with jr.'s resumes back in 2003-4, i know that all got brushed under the rug back then but i guess it really hit the fan at ports.

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I was at Portsmouth in 2004 as a Trainer and raised a concern with the NRC about the security of examination material in the training area.  File cabinets were being left unlocked and anyone could walk in and access the training records so I know there have been issues in the past.  There were always concerns about the good-ole boy relationships of the ex-Navy RP folks there and their favoritism towards hiring ex-Navy personnel, commercial experience or not.  I am sure that bending the books was not uncommon and maybe some of this has finally come to light.

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now that ive heard some of the names that makes sense because most of the ones that got fired were the ones that were brought in off the street and didnt know what to do when their meter failed daily checks so they just used them out anyway, but that was two years ago so i cant believe they were still doing it. the 2360's out there were mostly junk, i cant count how many times i would grab one and it would fail so i would tag it then see it in the field an hour later. part of the reason the meters were junk was because of those so called " techs" that were working at fast food joints the month before not knowing how to use them let alone do the daily checks. no big shocker stuff was pen whipped. i got to have a nice little meeting with the FBI over 6months after i left there because of the racial issues that were going on in the rad department there which was the main reason i left in the first place. the place was a mess back then and it dont sound like it got any better lol.


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