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--- Quote from: Blah Blah Blah on Jul 30, 2013, 07:00 ---This thread is laughable... Blackballed? Probation? Ooops we lost your resume?

We're arguing semantics & synonyms here.

And while I appreciate Eric Bartlett's appearance here on these message boards, I certainly haven't gotten any professional feedback surveys from his company. From ANY of the companies... I've worked for them all. Aren't they interested in what happened at their site? Don't they want some undiluted input as to how their techs and their site coordinators are really representing Bartlett in the field? Do they really trust the exit-interview process? (also, laughable at best.) And even more important, how would they guarantee to protect & reward the techs that told them the ugly truth?

If any of the companies really & truly care about their techs, their agents in the field, their most prized commodity... then they should be spending this summer down-time reaching out (letters, e-mails, texts, etc.) and asking for some CANDID input from us. IMHO, they can only limp along on so many contracts. Sad when the RPM's admit this too. That's why its best to sidestep the contractor companies & keep networking with your utility friends. The middle man scenario is losing it's appeal quickly.

Or is ignorance bliss?  :-\

--- End quote ---

lighten up Heather, you've gone from "Rookie of the Year 2009" to cynical, seen it all and it all sucks, rugged individualist in only 4 years,...

hell, most juniors can't get the time in four years anymore unless they impress a utility type and get selected to stay around between outages,...

so you're pretty fortunate in today's marketplace compared to many of your contemporaries,...

few, if any of them, are privy to RPM insights concerning business, contracts, and feedback,...

few, if any of them can stick it in the services companies eye and rely on their utility connections to get them work,...

some, if not most of them, have to compete without a home team booster club guiding them to the reserved parking spots,...

some, if not most of them, do still rely heavily on the staff augmentation companies to place them in jobs,...

so, for them, there's a lot of good, even keeled temperance to be gleaned in this thread,...

I'm just saying,... [coffee]

you can get all cynical and call yourself Blah Blah Blah in the here and now,....

but you'll always be "HeatherB. - Rookie of the Year 2009" to me,... 8)


Ooooh GLW, you misunderstood my Jerry McGuire-esque mission statement. I'm not cynical & I don't want to "stick it to" anyone, I just see such room for improvement. In this day & age, there are very easy ways to collect constructive data & information from all those eyes & ears out in the field.

Unless I've missed something, NONE of the companies are grasping the opportunity to improve the simple things. And I'm an observant type. I take notes. I notice things like Supervisors & RPM's who are vested in their techs (contractors, even!), wanting to know how things are going, venturing into the fray to ask questions & glean some insight for themselves. I'm impressed to see Eric Bartlett on here offering his administrative perspective. Seems like a stand-up guy. And he's right, it doesn't serve his company or the industry well to "blackball" the hardworking techs. It's in his best interests to have the top techs, the most effective site coordinators, the best accountability methods for BOTH in the industry.... correct? Maybe we need some Secret Shoppers to keep people honest these days. HA!

I have no home team booster club, and have been working hard without any friends nor family paving the way for me. "Rookie of the Year" was an adorable nickname, I've been called worse. Most sites ask me back BECAUSE I work hard, want to learn & ask (sometimes uncomfortable) questions.

In other professions, trying to improve the effectiveness of your field is considered an invaluable trait by co-workers... but trying to belittle that effort with cries of "Cynic!" just tells me you might have a little something to be worried about. Watch out.... I take notes. (*see above) LOL!   :-*

They are this way because they can be this way.  WE allow them to be this way.  I allow them to be this way.  I can't afford to sit out in protest to effect change.  The ONLY thing that will EFFECT change is a union.  Then again, enough people can't get together due to geographic issues.  It doesn't matter if you are pro union or not.  A union will bring change.  It won't ALL be GREAT for the tech, but it will bring an END to the insane monopolistic and arrogant BS that we put up with.

Bartlett isn't the only company like this.  Recently, a fellow tech got a hold of me and told me to contact DZ about a project they were staffing at a plant.  I called and told the recruiter this person told me to call.  That person later told me that the recruiter was MAD that he told other people about it.  REALLY??????

Over the years I have worked for all the Hp contract companies from NPP, D&D, DOE, FUSRAP you name it! I have had a few bumps along the way but that’s life on the road.
In my impetuous youth as a newly minted senior tech I have pissed off big blue in the mid 90’s(Eric), I hope this is all behind me, as i got older and wiser i view life differently.

I have adopted a simple creed to live by; "be a man and honor my commitments, do my job and do it well" Because in the end all we really have is our word and honor.
So plan your outage season carefully, remember it’s not just you out there!

“Life is hard it’s harder when you are stupid”

 I can only add my experience. I have in the past had a lot of time in the Nuclear Plant as well as Coal plants.  I did come out of the field around 2001.  About 3 years ago I decided to come back and of course I have tried everything to get in with Bartlett. To this day , I have called, emailed and even had a conversation with Eric. I even took a job in NC as a firewatch to try and get back in. Last Fall I was called again by PMI and asked to return to NC , I did accept. I was on my way to the job when I got the call that my father in law had passed away. I left a message for my recruiter and finally a few days later got in touch with her. ( I know she was swamped, I don't feel she was ignoring me) Now, I have not been contacted for any outage work since. Again, trying to get in at St Lucie, I got the same as someone else "returnees only" then I was told they were "waiting on a number for decon,etc" still have no idea about FME contact or if they have the contract.    I know there are a lot of people in the field, but when you hear  of all the young people, newbies showing up at these plants, it makes you wonder who knows who. When I say young I mean 18 or 19 not 25. People who have never been inside a nuc plant. I have also heard people bragging about how after the outage started and all the slots were" filled" folks getting their children or other relatives in spots that they  a) were already filled or b)just breaking into the business, never been to any kind of plant.   I'm not here to bash anyone or any company I have worked for a couple of them and at the time, they kept me busy, I had my own laborer crew and FME crew in those days,  we did it all  :P :P. Be mindful of your work, do your job and stay out of the politics. You will have a good career.  :)


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