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You reap what you sow.

the site you burned may not want you back.

Although this is true I don't think just working for another company after finishing one and then confirming to another would be bridge burning, but look at it like this, you take your car to the same shop you and that shop trust and are devoted to each other. Then one day you need work done and the shop takes another over you because he gets more pay out of it, would you not be angry!but in the end when all settles that same shop you trusted will be back working on yours- so the utility's count and trust on some returning when they don't WELL WE ALL KNOW????

Let me say this.. I very recently "confirmed" for an outage starting 3 months from now. Personally, I believe the commitment timeframe has been stretched too far. Being out of work with a family to suport, if something decent comes along I will take it. I am replaceable and I would expect that if I gave Bartlett a month to find a somebody else that would be sufficient to avoid hard feelings. I would be interested to here Eric's take on the long commitment time.

I know this guy he wasn't aiming at bartlett he just didn't know where to put the question....since bartlett has most of the contracts though it may be the best place for it.

The days of "double secret probation" are long gone . . . but the memory lingers on.


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