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Going into ops - is it possible to get back into engineering?


I have an offer as an EO and also another offer as an engineer in an unrelated field at a medium sized firm.  The EO position seems really attractive, plenty of hands on experience, good hours, and more than fair compensation, but I want to get back into engineering within 5 years. I was just wondering what type of opportunities there are and if it's even possible for me to get back into engineering, get a PE and a masters etc. Ops is something I can do now, but in 5 years I don't think I'm going to want to be under that sort of stress with the odd schedules and long days and such.
Any advice or opinions are welcome.
Thank you.

Engineering can also have long hours and stress.  Yes, you can put in for other positions and having a Ops background would help.  If you get a Licens it will be very hard to get away from Ops.

It's possible, but it could be difficult depending on the staffing levels at the plant.  Like Jams said, once you get into Ops it's really hard to get out!

Good luck!


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