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So here's the situation:

Found out Calvert Cliffs, operated by CENG, was hiring for 14 NLO positions. I passed the POSS and felt the interview went well. In total, 30 people interviewed/passed the POSS.

I did the usual HR stuff--emailing the right people and thanking them for their time and sending follow-up emails a couple weeks later asking about the position. I found out that the offers will be given out this week. I have a nuclear engineering degree from the University of Tennessee, a good GPA, research experience, ANS membership, and all that good stuff.

What would you say my chances are at getting an offer? There were only a handful of Navy nukes, and it seemed like there were more non-nuclear degrees than anything.

Should be pretty good. Did they ask if you wanted to licence one day? If so, what was your answer?

The interviewers didn't ask about future licensing, but I implied interest in moving up the ladder (RO, engineer, SRO, etc.). The interview itself wasn't very demanding; it seemed like they were just wanting basic "correct" answers for simple moral questions.

Well good luck and keep us posted!

When does Calvert Cliffs normally post for their NLOs?


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