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Hello all.  Nuke ET 6-and-out-er getting out in April 2014 stationed in GA looking for any information on what can be done to get in specifically at Columbia Generating Station. 

Trying to get the old "foot in door."  Beside my time in the navy, I have no relevant education or experience.  Were I single, the focus would be going to school and then getting into nuke-ops.

Seems like a large % of forum posters are acclimated to the SE or NE regions, making CGS kind of the odd plant out.
The last post that had any info on CGS was about a year ago, in the facility info thread.  Since I had little luck there,
I decided to try and revive the subject here.  Even sent PM's to some users who knew about CGS, as evidenced by their very old posts and nothing.
I have read many instances in this forum where someone did some research, made a post and got some answers he needed from some very experienced guys who are here to help.  Hoping that will be the case here.  THANK YOU in advance.

EO is preferred but willing to start anywhere and work up. Already
emailed HR and they just sent me their recruiter's number.  Emailed him, politely describing my
background and situation and that I'd be a good fit for certain openings in the future.  Also emailed the
ops training manager.  Neither has not responded and it has been weeks.
If that was a mistake, please tell me how that can be corrected, if it can be at this point.
I've also applied for two positions there via company website, I&C Tech and mechanic.

My interest in CGS is due simply to the fact that I am originally from the NW region.  Half the reason my spouse,
kids and I are choosing to get out of the military is a growing need to be closer to family.
We are open to and have done research/applied on non-nuclear options such as cogen, wind, etc., but nuclear
shows the most promise/job security.  If the previous statement is wrong, please do not hesitate to tell
me I'm dead-ass wrong and need to look somewhere else. 

Am I significantly hurting myself by limiting my nuke-ops search to one plant alone?
Is my EAOS(end of contract) just too far in the future to be sending out resumes and making phone calls to this place?
Will my geographical distance from the area hurt my chances even though I'm moving out west regardless?

Any info including advice, contact numbers, emails would be greatly appreciated even if it's in "a-hole" format.  I'm fluent in A-hole.  :)
Have a great day.



Yes, you're too far from EAOS. Yes, you're hurting yourself by focusing on one plant. If their hiring cycle doesn't line up with your EAOS, youre shit out of luck.

That said, a six and outer with no other experience and education isn't the shoe in that it used to be. With power plants shutting down and experienced people looking for work, and more and more college grads with no where else to turn, competition is high.


Also, just keep an eye on their job boards.


If there's an opening that you're qualified for, apply. The people that you emailed aren't going to respond in this day and age, to random emails from people not "in the system."



--- Quote from: Higgs on Aug 11, 2013, 03:27 ---If their hiring cycle doesn't line up with your EAOS, youre shit out of luck. 

--- End quote ---

Exactly right.  I was hoping this post would attract someone who knows about their hiring cycle, although that far into the future no one
probably knows.
Also, I've seen you offer in other posts to critique resumes.  Would you mind if I pm you mine?

By the way, one of the company guys I emailed actually reviewed my linkedin profile.  Will be trying to connect.

Oh and thanks for taking the time to reply all together.


Sure you can PM me for my email address.



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