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Exelon is flying me in for an interview next week and I could certainly use some outside and experienced help.  I took the BMST and POSS last year and both came back recommended.  I applied to this same EO position at the same site last year, and also had an interview.  We can clearly see now that I did not get the job the first time around.  I am hoping since I am still actively trying to get this position, it will show that this is something I want and will stick around for.  I went to school on a scholarship for Energy Technology sponsored by San Onofre, which is now decomissioning.  I finished most of the program (there were required classes and internships that not even half were able to attend.)  I am not trying to lay out my life story, but I feel that my interview was missing something last time.  Any advice at all is greatly appreciated!  Or related threads!  Thank you   :)

Some info about your previous interview questions and answers would definitely help.

Good luck on your interview. I envy you as I also am a graduate with an Energy Tech Specialist degree among a few others. Our sponsor is a big company up north but so far getting an interview for ANY posting has been fruitless so I can't offer any advice, except to remember it is not about you but what you can do for the Exelon.

Just to keep an update, the interview went 100 times better than it did last year!  I am very excited to hear what they decide in a couple weeks.  My new question is when should I call, or should I at all?  I sent thank you letters to all who interviewed me last week and they said they would make the decision by the end of September during the interview.  Should I still call and show my interest or would that be bugging them?  Also, do I call the HR rep who was in the interview or the Shift Operations Superintendent?  Thank you in advance!

did you get an offer?  and who all did you send the thank you letters to?  i mean did you send all to the recruiter and have her forward them or did you have all the emails if the ppl that interviewed you?  and hard letters or emails?


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