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When I worked there (1.5 years as RPT), there were good points and bad points (as with most companies). They just started accepting waste about 2 years ago, so they were very profit driven and ignored some things that maybe they shouldn't have.

The RP department had a lot of inexperience and home grown talent. They also were very resistant to change. The entire site has a tendency to get rid of people that won't conform to their way of doing things (even when their way violates procedure/license). Before I left and before my friends left, it was turning in to a good ol boys club and you had to know the right people to succeed there.

This may have changed or be changing...this was all about a year ago. The pay for a Sr Tech was also about 32/hr. Absolutely nothing else in the area to do unless you wanna live in a crime filled town in New Mexico or over an hour away in Midland/Odessa.

I was there for over a year. Lip has it right.
What I didn't like was that the department was being run by non rsts that had no experience in the nuke business. All were right out of college and making calls that cost the company thousands. One example was when the plant manager was told that one of the rst managers said that if 'we have a problem, we will fix it later. We have to make production'. When she heard that she just shook her head and walked away.

Another thing was that there is close to 100% nepotism. Everybody is related to one another in every way imaginable. As a result, lots of things get covered up or are ignored.

The home grown rst's are good people and want to learn and they do a good job. But they will never make a stand because it is the best and highest paying job in the area.
They all have families and do not want to hit the road.

I was there when a few experienced techs were brought in. All had over 20 years experience. They didn't stay long when it was made clear that their experience didn't matter because the 'college boys' knew better and were smarter than every one else. This group also got rid of their own when new people came in and had ideas that didn't fit in with theirs.

The site will never be what it can be because of these things and other reasons that are out of this scope.
Fortunately the money will always be there because it is owned by a Texas billionaire that probably uses WCS as a tax right off. If it ever starts making a profit, I bet he sells it.
Any way that is what my experience there was. Have lots more stories, like anyone has of the places we have been.


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