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Eberline E-600 Software.

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Greetings gentlemen and ladies and thank you for your read.

I have  the Eberline E-600 with the SHP380AB as a probe... I would really like to have the software utility to get across to this gear, Just a hobbyist here, not seasoned or informed as you fine folks are... I'm an old-timer w/2 grown kids and a little time on my hands to scan old pottery or my toilets for pootonium decay... I realize there are many layers and calibrations and complexities of measurements and rate metering for various components, I'm not some alarmist hippie on a crusade so you would not be contributing to radioactivity hysteria by aiding me... You would simply be helping me feel more whole by enabling me to communicate with my device.

Thanks for any help in advance!

You need to know how old they are, the SDRAMS used for the parameter memories have a shelf life of about five to seven years. You can purchase replacements from Dallas Semiconductor but then you're left with the soldering, insulation and other technical challenges,...

Thermo Fisher (nee Eberline) has discontinued support of the E600 product line.

You will need an Eberline mini-pulser or compatible unit to calibrate an E600, there is a cutoff on the serial numbers which can support the E600, I would have to look that series number up. You would need all the RS232 and associated interface cables and the software programs are not compatible with MS products beyond XP.

What you have is a digital dinosaur. A nearly extinct digital dinosaur.

Too bad really, I made a good living off the E600 platform for the better part of a decade but, as with all things digital, obsolescence is only a few years away,...

Now, if you have the old Victoreen Civil Defence stuff you're golden, that stuff can readily be made serviceable just for fun,...

I have current contact numbers for folks at Thermo Fisher who are still knowledgable and may have some old stores available for E600 platform stuff, but it will not be cheap even if it is yesterday's news,...

You've exceeded my expectations by quantum bounds, thank you for the knowledgeable response!

The E600 has a calibration sticker saying 6-29-06 by initials JCE and serial is 02239 and the hologram security seal reads 220141--it powers up but displays "out of call" ...I read in the pdf manual that the PC software can set the E600 to allow you to (or not) bypass error by pressing * button--I press star on this one and no joy...

The SHP380AB probe sticker is a bit faded but what I can make out by my observation of the hieroglyphics is: calibrated on 3-16-09 (I think) and the hologram security seal reads 220139 so the two are not paired up by date or security seal...? Hey at least it’s a A-B probe.

I've got XP (hell, I've got DOS!), I can pin out and put ends any COM cables I need, I have a bench set up with Tek 2465B Scope and Bench DMM and Function Generator and counter and not one but TWO vacuum by button Desoldering Stations with JetFlow hot air... Frequency Counter…  so I can take care of the electronics tasks.

By all means if you are able and at your leisure, please provide any contacts or info or apps you can! I will forever be in your debt and will love to help you any way I am able.

I actually have a CDV-700 with the check source sticker on the side that I was gona go through electronically sometime soon… :).

The SDRAM is encased in the plastisol of the SMARTPAC.

Your EPROM may be toast, unlikely it has exceeded it's write cycles but it's possible if not probable.

Your firmware and software may not be compatible.

Your micro button pad may be dysfunctional.

You may even have a loose ribbon connection inside.

E600 components and cards slide in from the back and front of the case, it can be tricky to keep all those connections intact when assembling one.

The EPROM internal to the E600 will allow you to save up to three configurations for the detector.

You can then dispense with the SMARTPAC altogether and power the detector (any detector up to 2500vdc) with a coaxial.

Of course, if you have a WinCE device laying about you can change those configurations in the field in about two minutes, so you can still make good use of the platform for field projects as long as your spare parts hold out.

Eberline used to produce a SMART to BNC or MHV or C coaxial cable.

I'll get back to you on contacts by PM, I have pieces and parts for the platform, some of them still packaged from the factory but I will not be able to get my hands on those until I'm done with my current client.

But the SMARTPACS I have are too old, there's nothing to be done about that, you're sorta stuck with the three configurations the internal memory will support.

If you're patient, we can probably work a deal.

Although I do have some sentimentality attached to those old workhorses.

Oh yeah, the SMART to SMART cables were always the Achilles heel of the platform, it's a lot of hardware in a small package typically utilized by folks who think RO-2s are multi-purpose tools, you know, radiacs and really good door stops all in one package!!!!!

 :P ;) :) 8)

We used to go through about five dozen of those cables per year when we were busy,...


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