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Anyone in Chemistry Department...


Hey all! I am a 10 year navy nuke ELT that's been out since 08. I worked at a commercial plant in NY for a year and then I went back to school to get my degree and will be done here in Dec with an ACS certified chemistry degree.

I just had a phone interview for a radio chemistry technician position and was hoping there were some members here that might be part of the chemistry department to kind of get an inside point of contact. I live here in Knoxville already and have been going to UTK. This is my DREAM job that I've been trying to get since I first got out so my stomach has been in knots for days.

Anyone that wouldn't mind swapping info and maybe talking a little to put in a good word or any kind of info at all would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks you in advance!


Your dream job might end up boring the crap out of you after 4 years...not trying to burst your bubble, i hope it all goes good for you but the job can get monotonous.  But hey, good way to make some money, or get a foot in the door or who knows maybe you will like it!


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