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Re: Broadzilla T. Fossil Geek
« Reply #25 on: Oct 19, 2013, 08:11 »

We talk about procedures, human performance factors, and reliability a lot more than I was expecting from a non-nuclear operation.

This and training is EXACTLY why I was hired.

Also let me post something from the call with my official offer from yesterday:

This is what I call nice. Today ++++ gave me my official offer. First they apologized by not making the pay band broader, they said they will address that for me next year. Then they said usually Vacation isn't earned until your anniversary date unless you request otherwise. So I asked if I could have 2 weeks to be used in 2014. When they called me today they said I have two weeks to use THIS year plus five floating holidays. Then three weeks starting January 1st plus 5 floating holidays. When I remarked they didn't have to do that they said we feel you are worth it.

The words we feel you are worth it really made me feel good.

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Re: Broadzilla T. Fossil Geek
« Reply #26 on: Oct 21, 2013, 10:32 »
Yes but lets take a look at the two smaller nukes that shutdown. VY and Kewaunee. Economics yes but they also had significant regulatory issues

This is not the first time you've alluded to signification regulatory issues as Kewaunee, but I think you may be mistaken.  The closure of Kewaunee was purely economics.  In fact, it was the best performing plant in our fleet until it closed.  Maybe I'm just being ignorant, but I really don't recall many regulatory issues with Kewaunee, and I'd like to be educated if you have some information.


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