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Power Plant Maintenance Positions Selection System (MASS):

Used to help select employees for power plant maintenance positions in fossil, nuclear, and hydroelectric plants. Examples of jobs covered by MASS are:

1.    mechanic, machinist, electrician, welder, pipefitter, steelworker, rigger

2.    instrument and control repairer
3.    helper, painter, insulation worker

MASS is similar to the EEI Plant Operator Selection System (POSS) in design, scope and administration and can be used to select candidates for power plant maintenance positions in fossil, nuclear, and hydro plants. The total time to administer the MASS battery is approximately two hours. The tests comprising the MASS battery measure mechanical aptitude, spatial aptitude, mathematical ability, and reading comprehension, shown to be related to effective power plant maintenance work.

The MASS battery consists of the following paper-and-pencil aptitude tests:

Reading Comprehension. This test measures a person's ability to read and understand the type of material found in power plant training manuals. The Reading Comprehension test consists of five reading passages, each followed by several multiple-choice questions about the passage. The test has 36 items and a 30-minute time limit.

Mechanical Concepts. This test measures the ability to understand mechanical principles. There are 44 multiple-choice items. Each item contains a pictorial description of a mechanical situation, a question, and three possible answers. This test has a 20-minute time limit.

Spatial Ability. This test measures the ability to visualize the properly assembled form of an object. In this test, candidates are to assemble the parts so that the places having the same letter are put together. The test contains 20 multiple-choice items and has a 10-minute time limit.

Mathematical Usage. This test measures skill at working basic mathematical problems from information provided at the beginning of the test. It consists of 18 multiple-choice items and has a 7-minute time limit.

Scoring and Interpretation
The four aptitude test scores are combined into one Cognitive Index score. This index score is then translated into expected probabilities of successful job performance to make employee selection decisions.

Integration of MASS and POSS
Much of the same knowledge, skills, and abilities are often necessary for successful job performance for plant operations and maintenance personnel. Additionally, companies will often wish to select employees for entry-level jobs that may involve progression into either the power plant operations or maintenance hierarchies. The MASS and POSS batteries may be concurrently administered for this purpose, using specialized administration instructions. The combined MASS/POSS battery will require about three hours to administer.

EEI does not administer any of its employment tests directly to applicants. If you are interested in a position with an electric utility, please contact the utility directly for job and pre-employment testing information.

If you have previously taken an EEI employment test and are looking for your results, please understand that EEI does not provide results directly to applicants. If you have applied for a position with a utility company that requires an EEI test that you have already taken elsewhere, please be sure to notify the company to which you are applying.


Q: Where can I go to take the test?
 A1: EEI website does not allow access to actual tests. Testing is held at various locations where the job is located. (Free) or
 A2: You are attending a school that partners with a company or EEI and you take it there ($30).

Q: Can you give me some examples of questions?
 A: You can find EEI Practice Tests for CAST, POSS/MASS, SASS, TECH, SO/PD here. They created the test and its free. Below are a few of the log-in credentials:
  User Name: southern Password: testing
  User Name: exelon Password: operator
  User Name: entergy Password: practice test
  User Name: aep Password: aep
  User Name: pacific Password: ocean
  User Name: Reno Password: Tahoe
  User Name: paper Password: pen
  User Name: PNW Password: Arizona
  User Name: Xcel Password: Energy
  User Name: nu Password: test
  User Name: firstenergy Password: firstenergy
  User Name: Dominion Password: Test
  User Name: tva Password: recruit
  User Name: house Password: plant

Q: The only practice exams I can find are on the website. Does anyone know where I can find additional practice exams?
 A: The books linked in the Recommended Reading List below have additional practice tests:
 1.   Power Plant Maintenance Selection System Secrets Study Guide: MASS Test Review for the Power Plant Maintenance Selection System
 2.   Master The Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations Test
 3.   Barron's Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations Test

Q: The practice test is very easy, is the actual test harder than the practice test?
 A: The practice tests were developed by EEI to help you prepare for the EEI employment tests. Each practice test battery resembles the real test battery in both form and content. Therefore, taking the practice tests will give you a good idea of what to expect on the real tests. The practice tests will differ in some ways from the real tests. For example, the number of items you find on a practice test may be fewer than the number of items on the real test. Answers and explanations are provided for your review at the end of each practice test. The Real test has REAL time constraints.  Practice tests provide sample questions and detailed discussions of the correct answers. It's important to take the practice test as you would the actual one, with similar intensity and concentration. The practice test is not completed online, its intended to be printed out.

Q: Does guessing penalize you more than leaving the answer blank?
 A: No.  Answer the questions you know first, skipping those you don’t know. If you have extra time, go back and either work out the answer or guess. Sometimes “N” None is the answer. Some people suggest leaving answers you don't know blank because it encourages you to finish more questions faster. Faster, and accurate are the keys.

Q: How do I retrieve the scores to this test?
 A: You don’t.  HR is given the answers, and they don’t share them other than you passed or failed.  If you try to work for another company, you will need to retake the tests.

Q: How long is my score good for?
 A: The results are valid for 7 years, until the position requirements change or the test itself changes.  However each utility will likely make you take the test again.

Q: Is the POSS/MASS test one test or two separate tests?
 A: POSS and MASS are separate tests. So, if you are taking both, you would duplicate similar sections.

Q: Does the POSS/MASS consist of any line tracing tests?
 A: No.

Q: What does the test score mean?
 A: Each utility has different standards, each position at those utilities have different standards.  If the test is scored 0-15, their requirements may be 11 to get an interview.

Q: Any tips?
 A: Accuracy and Time. Time yourself on practice tests to get your time faster. Set aside a 2-hours so you are able to complete all the practice tests in one sitting. Keep track of your starting and ending time for each sections.  Did you exceed the allotted time? Did we mention TIME is a major factor?

Q: Does the MASS test have only conversions on it like the example tests from EEI show or is there basic algebra also?
 A: It has simple conversions and algebra, as well as basic math (General Geometry, Multiplication of Multiple Numbers, Division of Two Numbers, Decimals (Fractions), Adding and subtracting decimals, Multiplying and dividing decimals, Multiplying and Dividing Powers of Ten).

Q: If I fail the test at Utility A, and they have a 90 day waiting period to retake the test, can I take it at another utility before the 90 days is up?
 A: Yes, the waiting period is just for that utility.
    Duke applicants may retest every 90 days.
    Southern Company applicants may retest every 45 days.
    Entergy applicants may retest every 30 days, but not more than twice in 12 months.
    PG&E applicants 2nd attempt: 3 months after first attempt, 3rd attempt: 6 months after 2nd attempt, 4th and subsequent attempts: One year after previous attempt
    APS applicants may retest after 3 months if it is your first re-test AND a job-related opportunity is available, after 12 months if you have already had a re-test AND a job-related opportunity is available.
    Xcel applicants must wait 6 months before retaking the EEI test.
    NextEra Energy (FLP) applicants must wait 30 days between 1st, 2nd & 3rd attempt to qualify on the same EEI test. 4 months between 3rd and future attempts.

Q: What material would you suggest I study?
 A: In addition to the material at the EEI site, The books linked below have been proven to help our members:
 1.   Power Plant Maintenance Selection System Secrets Study Guide: MASS Test Review for the Power Plant Maintenance Selection System
 2.   Master The Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations Test
 3.   Barron's Mechanical Aptitude and Spatial Relations Test
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I just finished the mass nuclear test. dont know how I should feel about it. I finish 2 out the4 tests. the questions i answered on the incomplete tests I did well and the 2 I did complete I did good on.

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HELP mass test
« Reply #2 on: Mar 06, 2015, 10:32 »
 I just took the mass test for maintance B    I finished 2 out of the 4 test. I ran out of time on the other 2, but did well on the ones I answered. how should I feel overall thanx


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