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"Confidential" checkboxes in registration - what do these do?


Red Gold:
So, in each section of the Jobseeker Registration page there is a little "Confidential" check box. What's the effect of checking this box vs. the effect of not checking it? (That is, what is being kept confidential, or not, from whom?) Sorry to ask such a basic question, but I couldn't find the answer in a forum search. Thanks!


The information next to the check box is the 'what' is being kept confidential (Except the box next to City also covers State, Zip code & Region, just like it says).
The 'who' is the employers that use the site to look for you.

For example, the first "Confidential" check box is next to your email address(see image below).  If you check that, your email address will not be shared with prospective employers. 
There isn't a check box next to your password, because even WE don't know that, it's encrypted.
The next check box is your name.  If you check that, no employer will know what your name is.  I don't suggest hiding your info, but everyone's situation is unique, so we give you the option.
The Hide Phone number hides both your home and mobile number.

Link to resume website doesn't have an option to hide it, so I'd leave it blank if you want it hidden. (Most people leave that blank anyways.)

NONE of your information is available to anyone until after we screen them (to keep out scammers) and verify that they are a legitimate employer.

Red Gold:
Thanks! That's pretty much in line with what I thought, but didn't want to go off half-cocked before I got a real answer.


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