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Lady Nuke:
I guess Eric does have a sense of humor.

Something like that just might come in handy when dealing with some of their clients.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Roxanna Khoury is the best recruiter anywhere
bar none
Most reliable, trustworthy, honest, and hard working


the man in question is mike owen.  not "owens". he's never done me wrong and i have known him for almost 20 years.
maybe if you got to know him you might change your mind.  but as someone said before they are just filling a quota and are not there to satisfy us, they are just doing their job.  i honestly would not want to do it.

If you are not already aware of this, Onsite is a sister company of a parent company named Aerotek, which is part of an umbrella corporation named Allegis Group.  In the past, there has been much controversy surrounding Aerotek and sister companies and improper practices with wages and compensation.  I believe there was a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit against them.  

You may very well be a lucky person by selecting another employer.  To find out about Aerotek and companies, go to and do a search for them or post into the Monster forum about these companies.  I guess the stories are nightmares.  Aerotek sister companies are Maxim Group, Tek Systems, and Job Options, to name a few.  Just do a search on them.  

Best that I ever dealt with was Linda Perry....... and she had the best legs in the biz...........worked for RAd from start to demise.


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