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Need help with new per diem rules

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Hi everyone!  I recently received news that the company I work for is going to only pay me per diem for the days worked. I, along with a group of others, stay working almost year round for innage and outage between 2 or 3 plants. They are telling us for the weeks we only work 4 10's we will not receive per diem for fri-sun and they are also not going to pay us travel to and from home each week. This will go on until a month before an outage begins. Then they will resume paying us a full week of per diem (even if we are only working 40's for that month). I'm asking if anyone out there knows if this is legal or if anyone else has had this happen to them. Thanks!

retired nuke:
It is legal. They decide what you get paid, you decide if you work for them. They don't have to reimburse you for a damm thing. They (the employer) are likely only paid for your expenses the way they are paying it to you - sounds like they got a new contract - in most contracts, perdiem is a "pass thru".
You can still deduct your living expenses for the entire period that you are there, as long as you claim the perdiem you are paid.
Welcome to the new nuclear world in the age of "Natural Gas is kickin our A$$"

Old HP:
It sounds like you have to make a choice. Just like in the past (when a utility would not increase their pay or offer returnee pay) you had to either accept what was offered or go someplace where the pay or at least respect level was better. With the "new per diem rates" the utility is essentially saying take it or leave it.
Yet another dilemma in the wonder world of nuke.

Really ? I would quit and go home and spend time with my family, there are a lot of better companies out there. Any how that's what I would do and have done. If I am told the rate of pay, per diem, hours etc. etc.
etc. and that changes at any time I am there or over my course of employment I leave.
This seems to be happening a lot. Anyhow that's what I would do.

OLD HP hit it!! We have to make choices in everyday life not to say we must like them but we have to weigh our options and decide.The loss of diem is mainly a innage issue not outage  Hell I just lost my diem due to not being gone for 8 weeks 4 days short but with unemployment like it is and the fact I gave my word here I am. The days of the Nukes as we knew are slowly coming to a end. hang in there and keep your options open


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