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 :o Hello my Nuclear Worker Family,I am very much trying to return to the fold,I have not been in an outage since 2001,and raised a family of my own since then,I am 52 years old and in the best physical shape of my life aside from normal age issues,I have done Eddy Current Steam Generator repairs ,shielding,Scaffolding and Decontamination, and Firewatch. I am not desperate but I will do anything as a restart to my returning career in nuclear power,and realize I have been on the shelf too long,I am having a hard time accessing DZ ATLANTIC GROUP and heard they have the contract for Brunswick in Southport. Some body help a brother out with an email address or a contact,if its allowed. I am willing to repay my dues and start back from the ground floor if it takes that.Thanks in advance! :)

You know the drill here.  You contact the recruiters for each contractor like Bartlett, Shaw, DZ Atlantic etc. and get your resume to them.  You talk to the recruiters for each as ask what is available.  If you kept up on the field you know we have lost job sites and the competition is fierce.  You don't mention if you were gone 13 years why did you leave and why do you wish to return, and to what specific job, what did you do in the interim if it is relevant to the field.



good luck

S T I G:
Can anyone else direct me toward some outage hiring links similar to the ones listed above? They were really helpful.


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