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Will a DUI in the US within the last 5 years affect ones ability to gain security clearance at a Canadian (Ontario) nuclear plant? The information will be disclosed in the application paperwork but I'm wondering if they will look at it differently or at all. When they do background checks at Ontario plants, do they do world wide checks (so this one from the US would be evident) or is it just Canada wide?

You may have a problem even getting into the country with a DUI.

After spending most of 2012 at Bruce, it is my understanding that if you have a DUI on record not only will the security be an issue but just getting a work permit to get into the country to work will be a bigger issue.  A friend of mine that worked there had a sister-in-law that had a DUI on record and the border guards refused to allow her into the country.  Had to turn around and  fly back out of Detroit.  Don't know for sure if that is the case but in 2012 it was.

Well I'm a Canadian so getting into the country is not my concern. My main concern is should I even try to apply or not at all given that this DUI is recent (within a year)? Has anybody had any experience with this sort of thing with either OPG or Bruce?

Being that you are Canadian then I would check with members of your union who would be representing you at the site you are applying too.  My guess is that the DUI will have an impact on your obtaining clearance at Bruce, Darlington, or Pickering.  They have pretty stringent background checks so they are not going to miss anything.  Besides it is mandatory that you report the DUI on your background screening form just like in the US.


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