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Energy Teleportation


Energy Teleportation Overcomes Distance Limit


--- Quote from: Marlin on Jan 16, 2014, 03:56 ---Energy Teleportation Overcomes Distance Limit

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3 words come to mind.


Working at BNL in Photon Sciences, this process is quite familiar to me. BUT, considering the issue is to overcome a distance limitation of 10 to the -35th meter distance for energy teleportation, it's far from anything Buck Rogers-esc. We putz around with energy in the nano-meter bunch ... In the end, the distances dealt with are literally microscopic. The days when they can perform the same function over ten meters (let alone a mile or two) are WAY off on some remote horizon. But energy transport via laser and collection via high efficiency solar cell to re-convert to power IS a reality. The solar tec as far as conversion efficiency is improving all the time.


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