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Living Around Darlington NPP


Smilin' Joe Fission:
I just received an offer for an engineering position at the Darlington NPP (finally broke into the industry!). Job starts Feb. 27th.  [dowave]

I have never lived around the Oshawa/Bowmanville area and need to find a place pronto. Does anyone here have any advice on nicer places to live in the area? Any advice would be helpful and appreciated.

Thank you all!


Bowmanville and Newcastle are nice.

Smilin' Joe Fission:
Thank you for the input. It seems there are a lot of places around North Oshawa, closer to UOIT. Some decent places, a lot of overpriced junk, IMO.

Bowmanville is a very nice town to live in. It has pretty much everything there and the oshawa mall is only a short drive away. I grew up in Bowmanville.

Smilin' Joe Fission:
Found a little basement apartment in Bowmanville. Cheap, close to the plant, and will give me time to get to know the area before I look for something a little nicer.

Thank you all for the input!


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