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I was wondering if anybody has heard back from OPG with regards to NOIT exam conducted on January 16th?

Smilin' Joe Fission:
This is for engineering, but after the online application closed, I heard back from HR within a week for an interview less than 2 weeks after that.

After the interview it took almost 3 months for an offer, with a start date 3 weeks in the future. During the 3 month period waiting for the offer, I contacted HR to find out where they were in the process. HR was very helpful.

I would suggest contacting HR if you want to know for sure either way. Be polite and they are happy to help.

Would you be kind enough to give me the contact information of someone in the HR department? Thank you.

I know I used staffing@opg.com to contact HR before. You can always try that.


--- Quote from: Jay885 on Feb 12, 2014, 08:20 ---I wrote the exam on January 24th, heard back on the 28th inviting me to an interview. The interview was today.

Not sure if they are still filling in interview slots, they said today they would be running interviews until the end of March.

--- End quote ---

What kind of questions did they ask you?


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